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phn Adelaide, Simple Healthcare Solutions project

Care Connections Good Health – Good Life Project

Simple Healthcare Solutions (SHS) was commissioned to support six local general practices to assist our ageing community (60 years and over) to stay well and out of hospital through primary care improvement and integration activities.

phn Adelaide, Simple Healthcare Solutions project

Early Intervention Initiatives to Support Healthy Ageing and Ongoing Management of Chronic Conditions

Simple Healthcare Solutions (SHS) has been commissioned to support ten local general practices participate in continuous quality improvement activities that will promote healthy ageing, slow decline, and support the ongoing management of chronic conditions for persons aged 40 to 70 years old. 


Disability and Chronic Disease

The Chronic Disease Integrated Partnership Grants Program by Wellbeing SA aims to improve health outcomes for South Australians with chronic conditions.


Simple Healthcare Solutions, with VIVA Mutual and Dr. Andrew Kellie, completed a project addressing the intersection of disability and chronic disease for the 4.4 million Australians affected.


The two-phase initiative conducted internal audits, external engagement, and market research to enhance chronic disease management.


The final report, a collaboration with stakeholders, identifies gaps in literature and proposes improvements in care coordination, risk management, and overall well-being for clients with chronic diseases and disabilities.


The project's focus on multidisciplinary care showed positive impacts, reducing preventable hospitalizations and enhancing the quality of life for this vulnerable population.

VIVA Pal - Navigating Palliative Care Options for the Disability Community

Simple Healthcare Solutions worked with VIVA Mutual, a non-profit organisation that provides home support and nursing services, on the VIVA Pal Project to improve the palliative care journey for people with disabilities.

We used our skills in data analysis, communication, and planning to come up with better ways to help people with disabilities in their palliative care journey.

Together, we looked into VIVA Mutual's systems, did an internal check, talked to clients, families, and healthcare professionals.


This collaborative initiative has not only enriched the palliative care experience for individuals with disabilities but has also set a benchmark for inclusive, client-focused healthcare solutions within the community.

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